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You have opened the door to a life where money supports you in your vision, purpose and all that you love.

You are visiting this site because you, like so many of us, have challenges with this powerful force we call “money.”  These challenges manifest in a variety of ways:

  • Spending beyond your means and using credit cards to make ends meet
  • Overspending to ease stress
  • Underearning or undervaluing your skills and talents
  • Living in Deprivation
  • Feeling undue stress about money, no matter how much you are making
  • A sense of overwhelm or vagueness when it comes to financial details

As you delve into the money coaching work, you will discover that money is an energy that reflects your beliefs, hopes, and fears.  You will see the ways that your life experiences have influenced your relationship with money.  You’ll gain insight into your parents’ patterns around money and how you have reacted to or embraced those patterns.  As we partner to heal these challenges, you will discover freedom from your blocks to abundance and move toward the realization of your ideal life.

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Clients say…

Working with Susan as my money coach has been nothing short of AMAZING! I’ve done a lot of work on my relationship with money for years ̶ read books, attended workshops, invested in group coaching programs ̶ and the value of working one-on-one with Susan tops it all. With her pointed focus, she helped me shine the light of awareness on my money blind spots like never before, resulting in new breakthroughs and actions that have me living a more grounded, joyful and prosperous life.

 Some specific results I’m happy to share since working with Susan include:

  • My revenue has increased ̶ in fact, it’s more than doubled since I started working with her.
  • With Susan’s support, I was finally able to launch a group coaching program, something I had been trying to do for a few years.
  • I’ve also increased my business savings, and I’m finally setting up a solid bookkeeping system for my biz.
  • Also, my husband and I are now tracking our monthly expenses mindfully, and after years of trying to create a spending plan on our own, we finally have one.

Working with Susan has been one of THE best investments I’ve made in my business and personal life. I’m so grateful to her and this healing, powerful and transformative work.

— Rebecca Massoud, Speaker Coach & Marketing Mentor

Susan’s Money Coaching sessions shined a light into the dark, long-past formation of my attitudes about money.  Her process led me safely, skillfully, and compassionately through the people, attitudes, and events that have shaped my relationship with money.  Exploring with her patient guidance, she showed me positives where I had previously only seen negatives, and I became much more comfortable where before I had felt so much conflict.  The result?  I immediately experienced a flow of abundance in my work and have made almost twice as much money this year as I did last year.  My relationship with money feels much more comfortable, natural, and enjoyable than ever before.  Susan’s sessions were easy and enjoyable, and they resulted in a profoundly positive energetic shift.  I think it’s magic!   

— Greg Barnett, Musician, Producer

Since working with Susan, I have cultivated a solid, clear, healthy, and more joyful relationship with money ̶ a lifelong dream of mine. Susan’s grounded, loving, non-judgmental support has allowed my mind and heart to open and understand and heal my relationship to money.  Her knowledge, wisdom, and expert guidance continue to gently yet powerfully support me in moving forward.  I love myself more and I love and enjoy my new daily relationship to my numbers as well! 

As a result of our coaching, I am focused more on my life purpose and feel excited and energized.  I have a plan for resolving my debt and living debt free as a regular practice and it feels easy and doable with Susan’s support. I have a daily structured schedule for my business which allows me to do the things that are important to me and my business, and it’s another way to love myself. 

— Danielle Hougard, Love & Intimacy Mentor

When I first joined Susan’s Money Coaching Circle I was definitely feeling less than empowered financially. Then, out of the blue I got 90 days notice to relocate from my long-term rental! The necessity of finding a new home in the crazy Bay Area made Susan’s teachings even more relevant and potent. With her guidance and support, I was able to locate and purchase a sweet mobile home, in Marin in less than 3 months! I went from being a Money Victim to being a Money Victor! Susan’s financial know-how, compassion, ability to listen deeply, and inter-personal skill gave all of us in the group inner and outer tools to create more abundant and fulfilling lives. Thanks, Susan!!!  

— Marti Cate, Mime, Characters, Themed Entertainment

My work with Susan revealed my unconscious modes of behavior and modeling around money. I am now conscious of my need to become more of a warrior and magician.  Since our work together, I have stepped up and taken on some new habits. A morning routine of planning the day, and a Sunday routine of planning the week. I find myself staying on focus and accomplishing more of the main things and doing less of the mindless distractions.   Thank you Susan, for helping me focus on what needs to happen to move from under earning to empowerment.  

— Andrew Radar, The Habit Buster