Money Conversation Cafe

The Money Conversation Cafe is a free event that brings community together in a safe, confidential space to talk about the “taboo” topic of money. Join us in open dialogue to gain clarity around your feelings and beliefs about money. Learn about how the 8 money types can facilitate a breakthrough in your relationship with money.

Women, Spirituality, and Money – Free Online Class

When it comes to money, do you find yourself in anxiety or fear, or do you want to avoid it all together? Do you think you should be able to take control of your money, but you just aren’t able to?

How can you shift to a mindset that opens you to abundance and ease in your money life?

Spiritually speaking, the way to money mastery is not through control, but through allowing. This is the feminine way.

When your actions come from a spiritual connection with money, you can relax and trust that you will be shown the next right step. You receive the lessons you need that take you to the next level. Magic happens!

Join me on Thursday, November 7th for a free event that will help you open your heart and mind to a powerful and healing connection with money – and your authentic, prosperous life.

In this potent one-hour session you will:
  • Gain powerful insight that will open the door to positive change
  • Learn how the eight money types shine light on what’s in your way
  • Experience your spiritual connection to money and open the door to prosperity!
When I bring my spirituality into my money life, everything shifts. The connection to my inner guidance keeps me stepping out with more love and ease – and the rewards are abundant on every level!
Join us and don’t miss this opportunity to open the door to empowerment in your relationship with money! 

Thursday, November 7th 
4 PM to 5 PM PST
Register Here

Please contact Money Wisdom Coaching to host a Money Cafe in your home or business!


The Inner Path to Prosperity: 
A Spiritually Inspired Workshop for Women

Take an inner journey of deep exploration and find your prosperity power!

  • Learn 7 effective practices to create a breakthrough in your money life.

  • Discover and strengthen your intuitive wisdom in relation to money.

  • Use the 8 Money Types to identify and lift blocks to your prosperity.

Please bring a journal and a lunch.  Tea and snacks will be provided.

Wednesday, November 13th
10 AM to 3 PM PST
961 Gravenstein Hwy S,
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Register by October 31st for early pricing


Circle of Change: Six -Week Online Money Coaching Class

Circle of Change is a breakthrough process that provides you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During the 5 or 6-session online workshop, you will have the safe, confidential, and compassionate space to examine and understand your relationship with money and to overcome unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential. 

Class size is limited to six participants for maximum personal coaching on your specific money issues.

  • Break through blocks to earning what your worth
  • Overcome fear and anxiety around money 
  • Gain clarity around your finances to feel empowered in your money life
  • Make financial decisions that support your prosperous life

During the Money Coaching Circle participants will:

  • Learn about your Money Archetypes to support your transformation
  • Explore your personal history to uncover how your attitudes and patterns around money have been shaped
  • Gain awareness and healing around family patterns and their influence on your money dynamics
  • Examine your achievements and talents to empower your visions
  • Includes a 30-minute individual session

There will be homework between sessions.

January 21st through February 25th
Six Tuesdays, 10 AM to 11:30 AM PST
Register by December 31st for $150 discount