Money Cafe

The Money Cafe is a free event that brings community together in a safe, confidential space to talk about the “taboo” topic of money. The holidays can be a stressful time, when money issues may surface more than usual. Join us in open dialogue to gain clarity around your feelings and beliefs about money, so that you can open to the joy of the season. Get some practical tips for navigating the holidays!

Thursday, November 15th from 7 to 8:30 PM
VenturePad, 1020 B Street, San Rafael
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Money Coaching Circle

A Money Coaching Circle is a transforming process that will provide you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During the 5-session workshop, you will have the safe, confidential, and compassionate space to examine and understand your relationship with money and to overcome unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential.  Sharing the process in a group setting is very powerful.

  • Break through blocks to earning what your worth
  • Overcome fear and anxiety in your money life
  • Gain clarity around your income and expenses
  • Make financial decisions that support your abundant life

During the Money Coaching Circle participants will:

  • Explore your personal history to uncover how your attitudes and patterns around money may have been shaped
  • Examine your parents’ characteristics and patterns around money and how they have affected you
  • Learn about your Money Archetypes and how they are supporting or hindering you
  • Take a Life Inventory that examines your achievements, strengths, and abilities and how well they are being leveraged toward your vision and purpose
  • Optional discounted individual session

Please contact Money Wisdom Coaching for the next class dates.