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Women, Spirituality and Money: Awakened Action

Take an inner journey of deep exploration and find your prosperity power!

  • Learn 7 effective practices to create a breakthrough in your money life.

  • Discover and strengthen your intuitive wisdom in relation to money.

  • Use the 8 Money Types to identify and lift blocks to your prosperity.

Wednesday, August 13, Online

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I recently attended Susan’s Money Workshop and, through her skillful facilitation, attentive pacing and gentle delivery, had so many profound insights! Thank you Susan – you are the real deal! Highly recommend your services. – Aimee Lyndon Adams, Consciousness Leader, Visionary, Change Agent & Trusted Advisor

Circle of Change: Six -Week Online Money Coaching Class

Circle of Change is a breakthrough process that provides you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During this 6-session online workshop, you will have the safe, confidential, and compassionate space to examine and understand your relationship with money and to overcome unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential. 

Sharing the process in a community of women is very powerful!

  • Break through blocks to earning what you are worth
  • Overcome fear and anxiety around money 
  • Gain clarity around your finances to feel empowered in your money life
  • Make financial decisions that support your prosperous life

Money Classes

During the Money Coaching Circle participants will:

  • Learn about your Money Archetypes to support your transformation
  • Explore your personal history to uncover how your attitudes and patterns around money have been shaped
  • Gain awareness and healing around family patterns and their influence on your money dynamics
  • Examine your achievements and talents to empower your visions

There will be exercises to complete between sessions.

Tuesdays, August 11th through September 15th
4:00-5:30 PM PST

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When I first joined Susan’s Money Coaching Circle I was definitely feeling less than empowered financially. Then, out of the blue I got 90 days notice to relocate from my long-term rental! The necessity of finding a new home in the crazy Bay Area made Susan’s teachings even more relevant and potent. With her guidance and support, I was able to locate and purchase a sweet mobile home, in Marin in less than 3 months! I went from being a Money Victim to being a Money Victor! Susan’s financial know-how, compassion, ability to listen deeply, and inter-personal skill gave all of us in the group inner and outer tools to create more abundant and fulfilling lives. Thanks, Susan!!!  
— Marti Cate, Mime, Characters, Themed Entertainment

Since taking Susan’s Circle of Change, I have made a total shift in my financial priorities. I am making more conscious decisions. While I used to experience negative self-talk, I feel much more empowered, which translates into more ease. I am committed to a new relationship with money and now know I will succeed!
— Karen Renée Halseth, Intuitive Guidance, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

The Circle of Change helped me bring spirituality into my money life and shift my whole attitude toward money. While I used to have a belief that money was bad, I am now embracing it. I feel I am in a much better place with the current Caronavirus situation than I would have been otherwise.
— Erin Hilmer, Graphic Designer