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Women, Spirituality, and Money: Grace & Grit

Take an inner journey of deep exploration and find your prosperity power!

  • Experience powerful practices to support a breakthrough in your money relationship.

  • Discover and strengthen your intuitive wisdom in relation to money.

  • Use the 8 Money Types to identify and lift blocks to your prosperity.

Wednesday, September 16, Online

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I recently attended Susan’s Money Workshop and, through her skillful facilitation, attentive pacing and gentle delivery, had so many profound insights! Thank you Susan – you are the real deal! Highly recommend your services. – Aimee Lyndon Adams, Consciousness Leader, Visionary, Change Agent & Trusted Advisor

Money Transformation 3-Month Program

Are you satisfied with where you are in your money relationship – financially, spiritually, and emotionally?

Would you like to experience deep and lasting transformation?

Money patterns can be sticky. Think about it – they started so long ago when we weren’t able to say “no” to the dysfunction around us.

The Money Transformation 3-Month Program provides everything you need to have your next breakthrough in your money relationship:

Money Classes

  • Experience ease and trust as you open to receiving
  • Be empowered as you engage consistently with your money 
  • Enjoy meaningful connection with like-minded women who are sharing the journey

To find out more and get all your questions answered about joining this supportive program, book a zero-pressure 1-1 consult with me here.

Let go of old patterns, embrace your expansion, and watch your abundance grow! 

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Susan’s money coaching gave me so many tools to work with that have helped me ground my money awareness and relationship to my finances. I feel more confident in my ability to grow my income and healthy money habits.
– Karen Haas

Susan’s guidance has helped me move through money blocks I did not even know existed! I have made immense mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that have decreased my money anxieties and made me more confident in all my money matters. I cannot thank Susan enough for her skillful guidance!
– Amy Shouse