Public SpeakerInvite the Bay Area’s Premier Money Coach and Public Speaker to brighten and enlighten your next event! Susan Shloss, Certified Money Coach (CMC®), is a pubic speaker and Transformational Teacher who gently guides audiences on pathways that reveal and heal their relationships with money.

Experience Susan’s Passion for Helping People Transform Their Relationship with Money!

With 20+ years in the financial services industry- from past investment specialist and operations manager at Schwab, to owner of a thriving bookkeeping business- Susan has experience the dynamic range of relationships people have with money.

As a lifetime practitioner of the contemplative healing arts, Susan weaves ancient spiritual practices with current money wisdom to help people navigate money issues with clarity, compassion and success.

“Susan is an inspiring speaker who creates a safe space to consider the power of money habits. She left us feeling motivated to make positive changes.” – Mary Keydash, Keydash Creative Services

Hot Topics

Heal Your Money Habits

The eight “money types” are revealed and audiences gain awareness of the influences that are no longer serving them, as well as those that support positive change.

The Inner Path to Prosperity

Manifestation and abundance are embraced and participants learn to align their inner worlds with their unique visions of prosperity.

Prosperity Essentials – Practical Steps to Achieving Abundance

Specific steps and practices are outlined that ensure people stay empowered on their path to prosperity.

A Customized Perspecrive

With emphatic sensitivity, Susan shares her wisdom and practices to resonate with all audiences.