Money CoachingMoney Coaching is a very transforming process that will provide you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. You will have the safe, confidential, and compassionate space to examine and understand your own relationship with money and to overcome any unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors that may be keeping you from experiencing your full potential.

Imagine the possibilities…

  • Overcome fear, anxiety, and stress around money and become empowered to actively participate in your financial life.
  • Break through your income, spending, or avoidance blocks so you can prosper on every level.
  • Set up tracking systems so you know exactly where you stand and can make wise decisions in your spending.
  • Live abundantly in alignment with your values, vision, and purpose.
  • Build cash reserves for retirement, vacations, and emergency planning.
  • Find peace of mind around money so that it becomes your friend and ally to support the life you deserve to live.

During the Money Coaching core process you will:

  • Explore your personal history to uncover how your attitudes and patterns around money may have been shaped
  • Examine your parents’ characteristics and patterns around money and how they have affected you
  • Learn about your Money Archetypes and how they are supporting or hindering you
  • Take a Life Inventory that examines your achievements, strengths, and abilities and how well they are being leveraged toward your vision and purpose
  • Take concrete steps toward changing challenging patterns that are blocking you from an abundant, fulfilling, and purposeful life

Please contact Susan for further details on her Money Wisdom Coaching packages or take the Money Type Quiz to receive a free 20-minute consultation.

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Working with Susan as my money coach has been nothing short of AMAZING! I’ve done a lot of work on my relationship with money for years ̶ read books, attended workshops, invested in group coaching programs ̶ and the value of working one-on-one with Susan tops it all. With her pointed focus, she helped me shine the light of awareness on my money blind spots like never before, resulting in new breakthroughs and actions that have me living a more grounded, joyful and prosperous life.

 Some specific results I’m happy to share since working with Susan include:

  • My revenue has increased ̶ in fact, it’s more than doubled since I started working with her.
  • With Susan’s support, I was finally able to launch a group coaching program, something I had been trying to do for a few years.
  • I’ve also increased my business savings, and I’m finally setting up a solid bookkeeping system for my biz.
  • Also, my husband and I are now tracking our monthly expenses mindfully, and after years of trying to create a spending plan on our own, we finally have one.

Working with Susan has been one of THE best investments I’ve made in my business and personal life. I’m so grateful to her and this healing, powerful and transformative work.

— Rebecca Massoud, Speaker Coach & Marketing Mentor