Money TypesThe eight money types shine light on the parts of yourself that may be helping or hindering your money life. 

Innocent – Takes the ostrich approach to money, doesn’t want to see what’s going on. Would rather not to be responsible for financial decisions or money management. Seeks safety and security and longs to be rescued.

Victim – Often blame their financial situation on external factors. May have been abused, betrayed or have suffered some great loss. Tends to live in the past. Often has a self-fulfilling prophecy. Won’t take responsibility for their life situation.

Warrior – Take charge, goal oriented, get it done. Successful in business, focused, decisive & in control. Discerning, powerful, driven, and financially self actuated. (Weary Warrior says “I’m sorry I haven’t been taking care of you” to themselves.)

Martyr – Busy taking care of others’ needs, but often neglect their own. Not conscious of their own suffering. Tend to be self-sacrificing and long-suffering. May be financially generous/giving but can have strings attached. Can have boundary issues. Needs to learn to receive. “I’m so tired – when is it going to be my turn?”

Fool – Looking for a windfall and tends to take financial shortcuts. Relatively fearless, often impulsive and can get caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment. May lack discipline, be restless or overly generous. Need to develop patience and to slow down their decision-making process.

Creator/Artist – Often on a spiritual or artistic path. Finds the material world difficult to live in. Can be financially detached or have a conflicted love/hate relationship with money. Tension between spiritual and material worlds – needs to integrate the two.

Tyrant – Can use money to manipulate and control people, events and circumstances. May not feel at peace or comfortable with themselves…money makes them feel safe. Their greatest fear is loss of control and that without money they would be unloved and worthless.

Magician – The ideal money type. Knows how to transform and manifest their financial reality. Willing to claim their own power. Armed with the knowledge of the past, they have made peace with their personal history and have transformed their lives. They feel secure and know all their needs will always be met through faith, love, and patience.

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