Couples Coaching

Money Coaching is a powerful aid for couples experiencing challenge or stress around money in their relationship.  The work sheds light on each person’s history and patterns and brings practices to the relationship that foster better communication, more appreciation, and increased financial intimacy.

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My husband and I started working as a couple with Susan after a very successful period of individual coaching that I did with her on my own. My husband and I both have our own money styles, issues and opinions as well as a number of negative patterns, fears and misconceptions. All of that “stuff” had a tendency to clash, causing tension and misunderstandings. 

Learning to better communicate with each other about money has been a key takeaway from our work with Susan. We both had to dig into our own feelings and attitudes about money and learn to untangle all of the emotional baggage it brought up between us in order to really understand and appreciate each other better. In the few short months since we started working with Susan as a couple we have made great strides in our communication about money and our day to day handling of money and financial decisions. We are a stronger team because of this work and we enjoy a much greater sense of financial and emotional intimacy which is truly wonderful.

– Judith Kinsinger, Acupuncturist


Susan’s delicate guidance and subtle questions opened up a space of awareness and compassion between Debra and me, and that openness has led to more dialogue and healing about money, the future and a lot of other things. We saw a financial adviser together for the first time, made improvements to our home, and are finding it easier to make financial decisions together.
   – George Taylor MFT, author of A Path for Couples