Creating Your Authentic Intentions

MoneyAre you feeling pressure to get it right for 2020? 

How can you create authentic sacred intentions that stay with you throughout the year? Here’s your blueprint for success:

Set aside 30 minutes of quiet time and bring yourself into a state of relaxed, open awareness. 

Ask yourself the question: What are my challenges, fears or roadblocks to living in my full potential this year? Write those down.

Now, write eight to ten I AM statements that are anecdotes to those challenges.

Example: My challenge: I get anxious when it comes to dealing with my money.

Anecdote: I am in complete trust that money is flowing to me.

Go through each intention and see how it lands in your body. Does it feel true? Or do you feel resistance? Work with it until you can be in a state of openness when you say it.

Here’s how the inquiry process works:

Using the example of the challenge of anxiety around money and the desired state of trust:

If “I AM in complete trust that money is flowing to me” feels true, go with it. If not, a less confronting version could be “I AM attending to my money and trusting that I will be shown the next right step.” 

Here are a few of my intentions:

I AM safe and protected.
I AM relaxed and confident as I take actions to grow my business in a way that is authentic for me.
I AM enjoying the quiet time I need to be healthy and balanced.

I read my intentions every morning and evening, and update as I feel inspired. They continually support me in the shifts I want to make, gently pushing the edges of where I am so I can open to the next level of expansion and connection.