From Employee to Business Owner

I know you have times when you feel the nudge to follow a greater purpose.

It may start with moments that are irritating or frustrating, or just plain uncomfortable.

You know that your work, relationship, living situation or other life circumstance are no longer in alignment with your higher good. That discomfort is the messenger that leads you to the next right step.

What is it that finally tips the scale toward taking the risk to follow your dream?

My Music Therapy degree led me to a series of jobs in mental health. While I loved the patients, the settings were intense (often violent), and I felt they were painfully lacking in addressing the deeper levels of trauma the patients had experienced. I was doing my own deep healing work, and these work environments were not feeling like a safe place.

I entered the business world, where I eventually ended up at a large financial institution. I had many opportunities for education and advancement. The last position I held there was in sales, but my wonderful boss saw my love of teaching and put me in charge of training new employees. I loved it!

When my manager transferred to another branch and a 22 year old who was brand new to management took over, I began feeling the nudge. In hindsight, I feel for him. He must have been terrified! As he wielded his power, I grew increasingly dissatisfied. He took away my role as a trainer and focused on increasing sales. I didn’t feel seen or appreciated for my talents, and the job was quickly losing its luster.

Then I was turned down for a vacation request.

That’s what tipped the scale. It became clear to me that I wanted to be my own boss. Free to make my own schedule, and to follow my own rhythm. And I wanted to do what I was passionate about: teaching meditation and doing energy healing.

Little did I know that my experiences in both finance and healing would one day come together in the perfect union of being a Money Coach.

Every step of my journey has been the doorway to what I needed to learn next. I am grateful to be where I am, and to have arrived here by following one nudge at a time.

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