Are you ready to expand your
prosperity, love and social impact?

“All of the speakers, phenomenal!

I’ve truly In-joyed the diversity and passion displayed.

The topics, questions, and discussions were timely and thought provoking.”

– Dr. Gilda Jefferson

Our line-up of brilliant leaders in the fields of Money, Justice, and Spirituality will share their unique perspectives on the intersection of these powerfully connected topics.

Ber-Henda Williams

Ber-Henda Williams

How Empaths Break Generational Behaviors: Economic Justice is Social Justice!

Brigette Larusso

Brigette Larusso

High Impact, High Ticket and High Integrity Sales


Eva Medilek

Self-Care for Your Sustainable Success and Social Impact


Jessica Hadari

Feminine Frequency


Kavita Melwani

Money, Culture and Communication: Finding Your Way


Lettie Sullivan

Releasing the Legacy of Lack


Li-Sann Mullings

Reclaiming Your Limitless Self – 3 Sacred Keys to Unlock Your Abundant Life (+ Prosperity Activation Meditation)


Marita Esteva

Equity Teachings From the Natural World

Penelope Smith

Penelope Jane Smith

Creating a New & Equitable Economy


Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

Cultivating Safe Space for Diverse Community


Urvi Patel

Assessing Your Inner Lens to the Outer World (With Guided Meditation)


Dr. Venus Evans-Winters

Black Women’s Mental Wealth: Cultivating the Self for Liberation

Yukiko Amaya

Yukiko Amaya

Accessing the Goddess Code: Love, Abundance, Equality and Respect

pink hand on cheek

Susan Shloss

Overcoming Money Blocks to Expand Your Wealth & Impact

Deborah Price

Deborah Price

Money, Gender & Self-Worth

Hayley Ebersole

Hayley Ebersole

Embodying Earth to Create Eco-centric Cultures (+Embodied Meditation)

“Lovely opening ceremonies. Compassionate, generous and hopeful!”

– Feather Windwalker

“I enjoyed the almost immediate elevation and amplification in the vibration of

the group coming together. It was so beautiful.”

– Amy Potter

In this online symposium, you will have the opportunity to:

I look forward to sharing this potent journey with you!
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