What Is Money Teaching You?

Money BehaviorsMoney. Does the word evoke anxiety, guilt, or fear? Money issues are symptoms of deep-seated patterns that can be transformed through self-inquiry, awareness, and developing new, healthy money behaviors. What is money trying to teach you today?

Sam learned to spend money to relieve stress from a very young age. His mother wanted the best of everything and did what she needed to to get it. His stress around money was magnified because no matter what Sam did as an adult, she was critical of his financial decisions.

Sam’s pattern of spending to relieve stress ultimately caused him suffering because he didn’t feel empowered to choose. He felt driven. Money was teaching him to slow down, pause, and incorporate self-care practices – like meditation and power naps. Where money was once a cause of internal conflict, it showed the way to harmony and self-esteem.

In my early adult years I lived very small, earning just enough to get by. I thought special things like vacations, nice dinners out or an occasional expensive piece of clothing had to come from someone else – like a wealthy partner or a family member. Someone who was a real grown-up.

There was a point where money behaviors pointed the way to where I needed to grow. I wanted to give myself experiences and provide for myself at a more abundant level – to be my own loving parent who protects and provides.

To do this, I had to break through my fears of the unknown, of being powerful, and of being visible. Only by conquering these fears can I share the gifts I am meant to share with the world.

I have had to heal some very young places in myself that were much more comfortable hiding out. Money lead the way by calling me to follow my passions – without holding back. My pattern of under-earning and living small became more painful than the fear of being visible. Thank you Money, for showing me where I needed to grow and leading me to the support I needed be able to step into prosperity and empowerment.

If you have a pattern around money that is holding you back from living in your full potential, ask yourself these questions:

What is money trying to teach me?

What in me needs to shift in order to change this pattern?

Is there a young part of me that needs healing before I can break this cycle?

What bite-size practice can I implement today to support my transformation?

The 8 money types can shed light on parts of yourself that need attending to and may be blocking your flow on your path to prosperity. If you find yourself hanging on tightly to your money, when you really want to be expansive and generous, the Tyrant may be running the show. If you are afraid to take a financial step that you know is for your highest good, the Innocent may be needing your support. Addressing these challenging money dynamics and cultivating your Magician and Warrior will set you on a clear path toward change.

To gain insight into what’s driving your money life, take the Money Type Quiz.