We Hate to Admit this Money Type is in the Room

The Victim Money Type May be Holding You Back

Resentment is your first clue that the Victim Money Type is “in the room.”  We’ve all been there.  You didn’t get the raise you expected.  You’ve been contributing more to the household responsibilities.  You can’t afford to take the vacation you wanted to.  You’re overwhelmed by the to-do list that seems to keep growing no matter how hard you work.  Ouch.

Money TypeSurely it’s someone else’s fault!  Blaming others is the next clue that we’re on the Victim path.

Another hallmark of the Victim is a sense of entitlement – a feeling that someone should be taking care of us.  Sometimes a credit card can disguise itself as that caretaker.  I deserve this (clothing, toy, vacation) because (fill in the blank).  Beware – this may be the Victim in the driver’s seat.

As unpleasant as it may be to face this part of us, it needs our loving attention in order to heal.  Somewhere, long ago, the child in us didn’t get what she or he needed and needs to know that they are loved and taken care of.  As adults, we can give this compassionate understanding to ourselves.

The Money Coaching process lights the way to understanding and change.