Cultivate Your Warrior to Support Your 2018 Goals

Did you set financial goals for 2018?  How are you tracking toward them?  Do you have resistance or are you in action? Maybe you’re unsure about your direction.  Now is the perfect time to call on your Warrior to help forge the path to success.  The Warrior is powerful, driven, confident, and goal-oriented.  Here’s how one client enlisted her Warrior to make some big shifts in her money life.

financial goalsJennifer came to me with a lot of anxiety around money which affected her ability to grow her business.  As she gained compassion and understanding for the frightened child self (her Innocent), and called on her Warrior to stay in actions like tracking her numbers, she was able to gain the clarity that inspired her to commit to increasing her earnings. She is now meeting her goal for the number of clients she sees each week.

How can you enlist your Warrior to help you with your 2018 vision this month?  Here are a few ideas:
  • Post your financial goals where you can see them every day.
  • Track your numbers daily for clarity on your spending and earning.
  • Create a time plan that supports your personal and financial goals.
  • Get support for staying on track!