When the Warrior Hits Overdrive

I love being a Money Coach because the Money Types shine light on my life in ways that nothing else does.

Six months ago, I hired myself as my own wedding planner.  Was I crazy?  Pulling the gazillion details together has been a rewarding and at times exhausting task.

Money CoachI couldn’t have done it without my Warrior in the driver’s seat, and the Magician close at hand holding the compass.

There have been moments when my intensity and drive to get things done drove others away, including my Beloved.  And, waking up at 4 AM with all of the particulars running around in my head has wrecked a bit of havoc.

These were the warning signs that my Warrior was in OVERDRIVE and needed to be calmed by the Magician.  My Magician helps me relax and trust.  Go with the flow.  She knows it will all work out.

My life is truly abundant.  Without the healing I have received around money coaching and as a money coach, I would not be standing in this place of  gratitude for all of the blessings that have manifest.  I wish that for you.

With Overflowing Love,


The 8 Money Types

The eight money types shine light on the parts of yourself that may be helping or hindering your money life. To find out what your money types are today, take the Money Type Quiz.

Innocent – Takes the ostrich approach to money, doesn’t want to see what’s going on. Would rather not to be responsible for financial decisions or money management. Seeks safety and security and longs to be rescued.

Victim – Often blame their financial situation on external factors. May have been abused, betrayed or have suffered some great loss. Tends to live in the past. Often has a self-fulfilling prophecy. Won’t take responsibility for their life situation.

Warrior – Take charge, goal oriented, get it done. Successful in business, focused, decisive & in control. Discerning, powerful, driven, and financially self actuated. (Weary Warrior says “I’m sorry I haven’t been taking care of you” to themselves.)

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