Money Loves Attention – Unraveling the Innocent Money Type

InnocentThe Innocent – Takes the ostrich approach to money, doesn’t want to see what’s going on. Would rather not to be responsible for financial decisions or money management. Seeks safety and security and longs to be rescued.

Of the eight Money Types, the Innocent is the one that I see showing up for people the most lately.  The Innocent is characterized by anxiety around money and the desire for someone else to handle their finances. They maintain a cloud of vagueness with regard to their money. They might avoid paying bills and looking at their bank statements.

During the Money Coaching process, the person with a high Innocent influence may discover that one of their parents had fear and avoidance patterns around money. The door to change opens as compassion and understanding for that parent and themselves grow. The innocent child within feels safer and they are able to give more mindful attention to their money life, which empowers them to bring more abundance into their lives. Money loves attention!

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